Veronica Garcia

Veronica Garcia

Program Associate for Development and Expansion at USC Online Writing Center

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  1. USC Online Writing Center
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  2. Parent Revolution,
  3. 2013 Eric Garcetti Mayoral Campaign
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  1. University of Southern California
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Program Associate for Development and Expansion; Administrative Assistant to Project Director

USC Online Writing Center
– Present (1 year 3 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

• Research pedagogical approaches to online tutoring and writing for university students
• Analyze best service learning practices among university programs which provide off-campus educational services to neighboring communities and disadvantaged populations
• Acting associate for the development and implementation of a new USC Online Writing Center outreach effort to tutor and mentor underserved communities adjacent to university campus and throughout the greater Los Angeles area

Personal Assistant to Human Rights Org. Director & African National Congress Youth League Treasurer

(6 months)Cape Town Area, South Africa

• Provided free legal consultation to over 250 refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented immigrants
• Edited six annual reports for PASSOP donor companies, drafted media articles on sensitive organizational and governmental positions, and edited PASSOP website for media publications and monthly project reports
• Created budget for 2014 ANC reelection campaign rally in the Khayelitsha township and organized public memorial for South African victims lost in the 2013 Kenyan Westgate mall attack

California Team Community Organizer for Los Angeles Unified School District

Parent Revolution
(2 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

• Assisted in the organization of three parent union chapters to educate and empower parents to reform their child’s failing public school, whilst analyzing school performance, legislation, and directly engaging faculty & LAUSD administration
• Traveled to over ten failing institutions in the LA area to advance methods of assessment of parent engagement and Parent Trigger Law campaign execution probability in mainly Spanish-speaking communities
• Acquired strong knowledge of grassroots organizing and data dissemination

Political Campaign Staffer for Winning Candidate

2013 Eric Garcetti Mayoral Campaign
(5 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

• Managed online political data program to devise geographical maps of voter demographics and the subsequent creation of volunteer walk precincts, phone banking manuals, and municipal outreach materials based on the analysis of voter preferences
• Coordinated twenty volunteer groups and served as campaign reference officer for phone and door-to-door canvassing throughout the South Los Angeles area

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Event Coordinator & Relay Team Captain

American Cancer Society
– Present (9 years)Health

• Arranged and supervised numerous community fundraising operations
• Held dual team captain responsibility in Los Angeles & Plumas county during annual walkathons

Event Coordinator

American Red Cross Los Angeles Region
(3 years)Health

• Created and supervised campus blood drives in accordance with agency support from student and local community organizations
• Enhanced campus outreach to constantly surpass Red Cross quotas


Young in Prison (YIP)
Social Services

• Taught workshops geared towards the cultural rehabilitation and communal reintegration of at-risk incarcerated youth in Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison through the implementation of academic lesson plans, focusing on socio-economic issues in post-apartheid South Africa

Medical Administer

Brooklyn Chest Hospital

• Developed culturally sensitive medical distribution techniques for terminal TB and HIV-positive patients
• Improved spatial layout of patient quarters in the effort to reduce overcrowding and increase comfort

Design and Construction Assistant

Habitat for Humanity South Africa
Poverty Alleviation

• Electronically designed structural elements and manually constructed homes for underprivileged residents in destitute poverty

Educational Outreach Coordinator

Being Alive LA - People with HIV/AIDS Action Coalition

• Directed academic seminars for the education of newly infected HIV-positive patients

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Honors & Awards

Hispanic Scholarship Fund General College Scholarship recipient

Marathon Oil & GE Foundation

• 2009-2013 scholarship recipient

Distinguished Student Citizen Award

Rotary International Club

• 2010 & 2011 award recipient

California Sesquicentennial Medallion recipient in honor of outstanding community service

Rotary International Club

• 2010 & 2011 award recipient


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Spanish

    Professional working proficiency



University of Southern California

Bachelor's Degree, International Relations

• Concentrations: Foreign Policy & International Security

University of Cape Town

International Relations

• Council on International Education Exchange, Study Abroad
• Coursework: International Foreign Policy, Law, Conflict Studies, and Pan-African Political Institutions


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